Timing of Treadmill HR drift AeT test

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    Hello, I thought I’d start the 24 week program today with the AeT test. I have done this before (in the past AeT ~ 145 bpm) and so I aimed for a similar HR. Unfortunately I experienced the frustration of not getting the starting HR quite accurate. After a ~22 min warm up on an inclined (15%) treadmill, I got to ~142-144 bpm, so I proceeded at the same pace. During the first half hour the average HR was 145 and during the second half hour it was 153 bpm. This means a 5.5% drift. Should I just take an AeT of about 140 bpm and proceed (with perhaps a retest a few weeks later on a recovery workout day), or should I test it again before I proceed?
    I did the test at 9 pm, 2 hours after dinner. Was this a bad time, and is it better to do this first thing in the morning (i.e. fasted overnight) or before dinner (i.e. ~5 hours post-lunch)? How could the timing affect the results?
    Thank you for the feedback!

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    NandaDevi on #35204

    Here is the test attached with the relevant hour from 23 min to 1 h 23 min. Also, the warm up was by initially increasing walking pace and then gradually raising the treadmill to maximum incline (15%). Is there a difference in warming up this way, vs starting with the max incline and increasing the pace?

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    Anonymous on #35251


    I think you performed this test correctly and that using 140-142 as your AeT will work for you. The only thing I might question is doing it at 9PM. Due to our diurnal internal clocks most people will not be in the best state to perform a test at 9PM. Maybe because it is a low intensity test doing it lat at night is fine. I really do not know.


    NandaDevi on #35263

    Thanks very much, Scott! Yes, the timing wasn’t ideal. I will redo this after a few weeks, starting first thing in the morning.

    Happy New Year!

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