Time off – How to re-start training

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    Hannah Estrich

    Hi all,

    I have unfortunately been a little sick in the past week and have missed many training days (6 so far). I was wondering what your recommendations are for coming back to training after some time off. If it was just 1 or 2 days I wouldn’t worry, but with almost a week off and feeling pretty drained I am concerned that I shouldn’t just jump back in where I left off.

    On the aerobic side, I think I can just go out, see how I feel, and listen to my body, but I am more worried about where to re-start with strength. I am on the intermediate plan and was just about to start the muscle endurance progression this week. When I restart, does it make sense to redo a week with just the Cham Fit program before starting the muscle endurance workouts? Any input would be appreciated 🙂


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    Anonymous on #67460

    Hi Hannah,
    These are great questions and really important. An illness is a hit to the body for sure and even once we are feeling “better” it’s usually another week to two before all systems are go.
    I’d recommend doing CMF for at least a week maybe two depending on level of soreness afterward before starting in on the ME.
    For the aerobic days, it will likely be a bit harder to stay in zone two so go slow and cut back on duration by about 25% then increase weekly by 10% until you’re back in stride with the plan. In a couple of weeks you should be back in the swing of things.
    I hope this helps ( :

    Hannah Estrich on #67576

    Thanks so much Carolyn! This is great info. I’m pretty bummed that this cold has come up in the middle of training season 🙁 It’s frustrating how only a few days of feeling ill can put you back by a week or more. I’m really hoping it doesn’t linger so I can get back into the full swing of training soon!

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