Time for a new Chest Strap?

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    Matt L.

    So back in September, I started getting some unusually high HR’s for my pace/perceived effort and started to worry that I was overtraining. At my peak, I’d been running 40 mpw/~6 hrs per week and for me this was a big increase in consistency and time devoted to running.

    I started cutting back and when I got hit with a real busy spell at work, quit running altogether for about 4 weeks.

    I’ve missed the runs and have started to get back into it this week, opting not to worry about pace or hr and just enjoying the time spent.

    That said, of course I was curious if I’d be back to normal and have been tracking the runs with my chest strap. Much of this time has been recorded at 180 bpm+, but the efforts haven’t felt hard. My AnT has previously been right about 171/172.

    My chest strap is only around 6 months old and I usually rinse it after I use it, but I do sweat pretty heavily. I’ve uploaded two runs from this week (one was a fun-hard effort and one was mostly easy effort) and one from this summer which was also a fun-hard effort, and before I’d started experiencing these HR oddities. I don’t think I’ve got ADS because I’d spent so much time working at very slow paces this summer, and this shift in HR data happened really fast.

    What do you folks think? Could I have trained myself into ADS, or is it time to invest a new chest strap?

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    Rachel on #46422

    What kind of HR strap do you use? I recently had to buy a replacement strap for my Polar H10 because it was getting weird. It would just stop reading (like I was dead) or have a spike that was out of place. The same thing happens when the battery needs replacement. You could also double check by manually feeling your pulse and compare.

    Anonymous on #46430


    before buying a new one, wash it with soap and water. Plain water will not dissolve the oils from your skin. I find this works like a charm most of the time. Wash it 2-3 times a week if you are a heavy sweater.


    Matt L. on #46435

    Rachel, it’s a garmin dual. That’s a good point, I’ll see if just changing the batteries does the trick. I can’t get anywhere close when I stop for a manual pulse, but since I have to stop running to take it reliably that method has left me with juuuust enough doubt to second guess myself, as my HR drops off once I stop moving.

    Scott, I did let it soak for a bit in warm soapy water before scrubbing, resoaking and rinsing between the two sessions I linked. I’ll put it though the wash this weekend and see if that helps.

    Anonymous on #55268

    I recently bought a Polar H9 and noticed that the Bluetooth connectivity (with a Garmin 935) is super flaky. It would regularly stop reading and display no HR information.

    On the watch, I removed the BLE connection to force the H9 to connect with just ANT+. So far, that seems to have fixed the issue.

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