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    I just signed up for the free 14day trail of premium and no were does it say Pa:Hr…..


    Also for the drift test the average is just the high average heart rate of the 2nd half divided by the lower 1st half correct?

    I’m throughly confused on all this finding your AeT. Drift test vs nose breathing. Im a complete newbie and need help.

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    tomwiggans on #44523

    I dont have premium training peaks and it shows Pa:Hr, just not the graphs. I think the calculation is if the test is done on a treadmill. I could be wrong

    DaveB on #44543

    Go to your calendar, select event, click “Analyze” on the screen that pops up, then Pa:Hr will be in the table to the right of the graphs.

    FWIW – Runalyze provides Pa:Hr, is free, and has almost all of the features of Training Peaks. The one difference is that you cannont, as far as I can tell, zoom in on a section of a workout to get Pa:Hr (for example, just looking at Pa:Hr for the last hour of a 1:15 AeT test run).

    juskojj on #44551

    mine doesn’t i can’t figure how to attach a link to show you….. do i need to add anything besides uploading my data?

    juskojj on #44552

    training peaks data

    juskojj on #44553

    runalyze data

    juskojj on #44554

    @DAVEB0316 see above links

    Rachel on #44557

    @juskojj make it a “run” workout, it’s currently set to “Other” and it won’t show Pa:HR.

    juskojj on #44561


    So what does that exactly mean now I know how to get it? Also based off the drift test, is the starting heart rate your AeT?

    juskojj on #44562

    Still doesn’t show…

    Rachel on #44567

    That doesn’t look like premium TP, are you sure you have the free trial?

    Rachel on #44569

    So funny enough, your results are almost exactly the same as my first AeT test. Avg HR first half 137, avg HR second half 144. Divide 137/144 and you get 4.9% drift.

    juskojj on #44571

    That’s pretty funny, so unless I’m doing math wrong 137/144 = .951 were 144/137 = 1.051 which is basically 5.01%

    Not sure how you got 4.9%

    juskojj on #44572

    So is 137 my AeT?

    juskojj on #44574

    Also how long did it take you to get to 10% of your AnT?

    juskojj on #44575

    If I understand correctly I shouldn’t do any zone 3 or 4 training until I get to 10% right?

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