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    Hi great UA Folks,
    (Somehow my post didn’t publish. Maybe because of links in it. Here we go again for the third timed)

    I’m coming back from an injury and i’m only allowed to run 3days a week. The rest i supplement with biking and one ME Workout and the following workout.

    2-3 Times a week i do a steeper power hike up a local hill:
    see next post, otherwise this will not publish.

    It’s a distance of 2.5Km (1.5Miles), with around 420HM (1377.95feet) elevation gain. To minimize the pounding, I’m walking downhill, or use Chi-running downhill technique (Search YT for Danny Dreyer – Downhill Running and watch at 1:20) What do you think of this technique?

    now i’m curious what you think about this session. Should i try to stay withing my Z1 for the uphill part? On some days i could push myself into Z3 because the grade is steep enough.
    I started to do flat strides after those sessions to get a bit of leg turnover. I also did some repeats on the steeper parts (downhill in the TP links) to gain some more vertical. Which i will try to progress. Or is this session simply to slow/short? I think it’s pretty specific to mountain races with a lot of vert where power hiking skills are needed.

    I couldn’t retest my Ant/AeT in over a year. Having a background of 12-20+H weekly running volume. My AeT = 160bpm (Z1=145) and Ant = 171bpm this was en 2019.

    Sorry for the long topic. I hope someone will find the time to read it and have some hints what to implement, improve or not to do.

    have a good day — mirko

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    nullkru on #55906

    Link to activities:

    jakedev on #55914

    Hi Mirko,

    Looks like an awesome local hike you got. I also like to combine hiking and running. I guess there are a few ways to process.

    My goal was initially to just increase my pack weight to mimic my activity. The goal is 35 pounds. Over the last year I increased my weight to where I am doing Z1-2 hikes with 30 pounds. Now I am just working on slowing increasing my pace with that weight and staying < AeT.

    Lately though I’ve started to switch it up by adding Pickups and short Z3 intervals. Eventually do Z4 intervals as I get closer to my season.

    Maybe switch it up. Some days Z1 and some days do pickups then progress to Z3. I imagine your at bodyweight (due to injury).

    Not sure if that rambling helps. Hope you recover well.


    nullkru on #55924

    Hey jakedev, thanks for your reply.
    I don’t plan to add weight to those sessions right now. Because i do a ME Workout with a weight vest (excluding plyo. movements). This week i pushed one session into top of Z2/Z3 to maybe get some extra stimulus. It’s just hard to tell if it make sense because i don’t know my current AeT/AnT. I don’t want to develop ADS in this process. Thats mainly why i’m asking about this workouts.

    It feels really specific to what my goal is: having long running days in the mountains and races again. The pickups are purely to get some leg turnover and running efficiency back. After a “slow” workout with not much running.

    hope to get some more ideas/thoughts on this.
    have a great day everyone!

    Shashi on #55930

    nullkru – how is your injury now? are you fully recovered?

    If I understand correctly you are running 3 days + ME Workout + Power Hiking (2-3 times/week?) + Biking. Is this correct? Are you able to handle this volume with the recent injury?

    Others who are runners can comment on the downhill running technique.

    Looks like you do not have ADS and can have some high-intensity workouts in your training. Where does this power hike workout fit in your overall training?

    nullkru on #55932

    Hi Shashi,

    i still can’t handle big running volumes. Something just pops up here and there (nothing which worries me too much) but i clearly improves. I also see my PT once a week and have a sport doc by my side.

    I run 3 days but on most days i have a bike session in the AM and then running in the afternoon/evening (or vice versa). Same with the ME Workout, due the demands this is always the first workout of the day and then e.g. powerhike (Z1) or an easy bike/running session.
    The Powerhike is for supplementing. To get more time on feet in a weight-bearing activity. It’s more similar to mountain running than the bike sessions.

    From a recovery standpoint i don’t see any issues with the current volume. I also can fit the workouts very good in my day (Thanks to my Boss ;)).

    For the downhill running technique i’m really curious if someone also does this.

    btw. Thanks you for your great effort on the UA Forum!

    Shashi on #56016

    btw. Thanks you for your great effort on the UA Forum!

    Mirko – appreciate your note.

    If power hiking is to supplement your training, I think it makes sense to keep HR in Z1, assuming you are doing some high-intensity work as part of your training.

    I believe you have read this article on downhill running technique. Hope it helps.

    nullkru on #56026

    @Shashi, you’re very welcome!

    Thanks for your thoughts and yes i know these articles.
    have a great day — mirko

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