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    Hi Everyone,

    i do them regularly but don’t now how beneficial they are. I call them “close” doubles.
    Often i run in the earlier morning. This run is a more vert or interval style focused run. Then around lunchtime i run again with some colleagues at work. Maybe 3-4h “recovery” in between.

    i can handle them pretty good recovery wise. What are your thoughts on them?

    Thanks in advance — mirko

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    TerryLui on #33158

    I think if the lunch time run isn’t adversely effecting your recovery and your other workouts (or perhaps it’s a Recovery/Z1 run???), I believe it’d be fine.

    Anonymous on #33173

    I agree with what Terry said. From your comments you do seem to be handling them well. I have known of some top runners who swear by three runs a day as a good way to bump up volume. From a training theory stand point doing these close doubles may increase the aerobic training effect of the noon easier runs because you are probably a bit glycogen depleted.


    nullkru on #33725

    Thanks Terry and Scott!

    The Lunch runs differs a bit but mostly they’re mid Z1, or Recovery style runs. If i feel good. I do some strides/pickups towards the end.

    Anyway merci for your opinion!
    have a grat day — mirko

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