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    I’m wondering how tailored this group program will be, will we each get individualized plans and tweaks based on performance or is it a stock plan? Are there specific sports/goals that its aimed for or is it whatever we’re aiming for.

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    Anonymous on #48858

    Hi Lindsay! Given the time of year, it will be a base fitness plan, so that this spring you’ll have a solid base of strength and fitness to get more specific for your particular goals. Each week there will be aerobic (running, biking, or hiking), strength, and mobility workouts. Everyone will have the same plan, but we have options built into it based on sport. In the bi-weekly zoom sessions we’ll be able to answer questions about how to make it even more specific to your needs. I hope you’ll join us!

    LindsayTroy on #48859

    Thanks for answering Alison! I’m definitely interested but wondering since I have spring ski goals (PNW volcanoes ending in skiing Rainier) if its maybe not the right program/time? I’ve made (and followed) my own plan based on TFNA twice and I’m 4 weeks into my 3rd cycle but I have some questions that I think are best addressed with the help of a coach. I thought this might be a good opportunity since individual coaching is full. Do you think the program would be appropriate for a May/June Rainer ski ascent/descent?

    Anonymous on #48860

    It might be a bit too general for your spring goals. You could always do a consult if you have specific questions, thought! It sounds like you’ve done a great job up until now, and having a little guidance might be perfect. You can sign up for that here:

    Stay tuned for other group options-hopefully we’ll have more that would be a perfect fit.

    Rachel on #48899

    I’m interested too, but maybe a group that starts next fall, if that is a possibility. I tend to take a break in the fall and then start training again in the winter. I’m personally in the middle of the Intro to Ultra plan with some goals in the springtime and then building up to my A event in August.

    nici on #49266

    Hi Lindsay,
    I’m interested in signing up for this program and just wanted to check if it’s realistic as I’ll be starting from scratch, again having had a baby almost 6 wks ago (c sec). Exactly how basic can the program be? Does it cater for postnatal?

    Thanks C

    Anonymous on #49268

    As long as you’re cleared to start exercising I think the beginner plan will be great for you.

    Since I last wrote, we added an intermediate plan as well, to accommodate more women.

    I hope you’ll join us!

    nici on #49297

    Cool, thanks ??

    nici on #49298

    Cool, thanks ??

    nici on #49299

    Sorry mistyped there, thanks a mil! C

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