The downclimbing face first mantle

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    Is there a way to replicate that move in a climbing gym? Would dips be just as specific?

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    Anonymous on #44044

    Hunh? I’m curious why you have this question and would want to train for that move in particular… Do tell!

    DominicProvost on #44047

    It’s a movement pattern I use a lot descending easy ridges and I feel that my body isn’t used to it because I build a slight shoulder/back pump-fatigue when I’m downclimbing. I never trained anything specific to that movement pattern, my dips are probably super weak. There might be low hanging fruit and an opportunity to save a bit more energy on long ridges.

    Also, I find the movement on steep talus can be very interesting. So much cool chimneying and stemming/bridging, going through corridors and tunnels made up of big block creates a very three dimensional type of climbing, it’s stuff you don’t usually see on easy sport climbs or gym problems. It could be an interesting way to make fun gym boulder problems.

    Anonymous on #44051

    Yes, I hadn’t thought of that. I think I usually face in for those kinds of sections, especially if they’re lengthy.

    If you find it’s a common position and doesn’t feel strong, it can’t hurt to work on it. In addition to dips, a reverse bear crawl might help?

    (Caveat: Just throwing out ideas…)

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