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    Hello. This is my second round of this program and I wanted to share some information about my experience.

    I did the Beginner level the previous 12 weeks. I was on the fence about beginner/intermediate, but went with what I knew I could actually complete. I did so and had originally only signed up because it aligned perfectly with a climb of Mount Shasta at the end. A few weeks in I knew this was making a difference. I was seeing improvement on the treadmill, and Chamonix Fit was making noticeable differences in strength and balance for me. I should note that I had been doing workouts using the UA principles, but without serious progression like is worked into these plane.

    The 12 weeks worked wonders. I had no issues whatsoever on Shasta. I felt strong and completely capable all day during the summit, and had energy left over after descending. I was honestly floored but I gained confidence over the course of the day because I saw where my HR was, I felt my energy level, and I could tell my legs had the strength to make it happen. I can’t express well enough how huge this program was for this climb. I had summited Rainier a few years ago before I knew about UA and had only spent time running in Z3 and Z4 with some lifting to augment that. When I hit the top of Rainier, I was completely gassed and the walk down was difficult. This was a complete 180, and I credit the coaches here for seemingly cracking the code.

    Granted, it still takes the work. But the plan is solid. Trust it and you’ll climb better. I’m doing the intermediate plan now and popped into the gym today (three days after summit) for the first gym ME workout and I still feel great. I really can’t believe this feeling is possible.

    Thanks to Mark and all of the coaches at UA. I am more excited for the next trip than ever before because I have the confidence I lacked prior to this climb. Take care, everyone, and keep doing the workouts.

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    MarkPostle on #67913

    Ryan, Thanks so much for the kind words and am really stoked the program is working so well for you. As someone who in hindsight chronically overtrained from an intensity standpoint I can attest it takes a bit of faith and time but it really does yield results! Can’t wait to see where the path leads you!

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