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    Now it’s my turn to place my “thank you” to Pete, here in the forum!

    I broke three ribs in December. And (what is quite typical) the MD as an athlete has no idea how to treat himself and is very afraid of doing something wrong;-)
    Pete was very helpful and guided me patiently through the rehab (a lot of emails). Now he probably thinks that I’m crazy. For my patients, I think I know what’s best most of the time. For myself, it’s much more complicated.

    So, thank you very much, Pete! We are all very lucky to have such a great guy on the team!


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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #52822

    You’re very kind Thomas!! I will openly admit to being the WORST patient, you don’t even come close,,,,,,well, maybe a little close. Glad you’re back at it!

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