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    Hello everyone,

    After reading TftUA I am a little bit confused about the General Strength Routine (Stage 3) compared to TftNA.

    While TFtNA distinguished between a General and Max Strength Routine, TFtUA seems to mix these elements in the General Strength Routine.

    According to TftUA Stage 3 strength routine: Upper body exercises should be limited to 2-4 reps (max strength?) and lower body exercises are suggested with 6 reps (general strength?).

    According to TFtNA: General Strength is 10 reps, Max Strength: Up to 4 reps

    Maybe somebody can shed some light on it.

    Thank you



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    Thanks for writing in to us with your questions. There are several reasons why there are slightly different strength training protocols in the 2 books. I’ll list them here:

    1) The TftUA book is designed mainly for runners and skiers, who will also be doing running as off season training. Running requires its own special type of specific strength. This is do to he eccentric loading form the impact of the foot striking the ground. Great maximal strength is not much of asset to runners. The topic covered in chapter 5 is GENERAL strength. We find that too much time spent on general strength will detract from accumulating running volume, Specific Strength and Muscular Endurance which on the other hand are very important for the runner/skier. General strength is meant only to prepare one for the Specific Strength and ME phases of training. Climbers move more slowly under greater loads on steeper terrain so general strength plays a bigger role.

    2) The lower reps in the upper body workouts in TftUA are meant to shorten the workout as most runners do not like extensive time in the weight room and upper body general strength for runners is not a very important aspect of their training. Climbers on the other hand will find more need to enhanced upper body general strengthening.

    3) Realize too that there a number of max strength protocols that can prove effective. Note that on page 228 of TftNA we show a very effective pull up strength routine that never goes above 6 reps in the entire workout. From 2-6 reps are both within the range of normal Max strength training protocols.

    I hope this helps. Mainly think of this: When you can do it safely you will get far greater gains from the hill sprint/hill bounding workout in TftUA than from the general strength sessions.


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