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    Hi, new forum member here. Not really an uphill athlete, rather the opposite, downhill skiing 1-2 weeks every year. I have primarily joined because I am interested in improving my performance at aerobic threshold across a number of different activity types (running, downhill skiing, sea kayaking, biking and indoor rowing) and want to understand more about how they influence each other. This site seems to be the most comprehensible collection of knowledge about aerobic training for mixed purposes, where most other sites focus on one sport only.

    Anyway, I was going to buy TftNA from (I am living in the EU), but then I saw in one of the sticky topics that a new reprint is out soon, and of course I want that version now.

    Is there any ETA on the reprint at And is there any way to discern it from the original version before buying, for example a new cover, “second edition” in the name, new ISBN, etc.?

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    Anonymous on #13804

    I’m not sure about the reprint, but I can comment on mixed purpose training: it’ll be hard to be effective.

    The movement patterns of all the activities that you mention are pretty different. As such, there won’t be much transfer between them. Running may have the most transfer to the other sports because there’s more muscle mass being recruited.

    Steve House on #13852

    Hi Allan,
    The current re-print is just that, a re-print. I’m not sure how many re-prints we’ve been through now, but quite a few. Though we did have a few minor corrections, even in this most recent reprint.

    I have been told that as of this week (9 October) the books have landed and are on their way to the distribution center in Reno, Nevada, USA. I’m not sure what that means for book availability in the UK as I don’t know if they first go through the US or if we have books shipped from Hong Kong direct to the UK/EU. Sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer on this.

    Regarding a second edition of Training for the New Alpism: We will do a full-fleged update and second edition at some point. However, that is several years away at best.

    On another note, we do have a NEW BOOK coming out, titled: Training for the Uphill Athlete. The release date this February 2019. You can pre-order (sorry this may be US site only) here:

    Steve House on #13853

    And BTW, you can order the book from us, we still have stock. I’m unsure of the cost of shipping to the UK though:

    Participant on #13860

    Thank you, both of you.

    I found the new book on It is not open for preorder yet, but at least I could add it to my wish list.

    It is not shipping which is the problem. Customs handling when importing from the US costs a fortune. So I will stick to shops within the EU.

    Janes on #13865

    You can try the site

    Best regards,

    dwpyle on #13877

    Wondering what’s the difference between the new book and TftNA?

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