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    I recently bought TFTNA. Thank you for this amazing book and source of content!

    I have a question about your described max HR test.
    In the book, you state that: “At the end of this 2 min test check your HR and it will be within five beats of your max heart rate.”
    My result is 197, should I use this 197 as max HR or add the mentioned 5 beats (197+5=202)?

    In the past, I have done multiple Max HR test, however, the procedure was more complicated and they never required additional adjustment of the score (if I recall correctly).
    I really appreciate the straightforwardness of this version of the test.

    Thank you for the hint,
    best! P

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    Anonymous on #46428

    Thanks for writing in with your question. It s a good one. Let me give you some background:

    When Steve and I wrote that book we were pretty sure that no one would really care. Alpinists and mountaineers did not train. They just went climbing. The better ones went climbing a lot. We knew we had to present them with the simplest way to figure their zones. So we used the percentage of maxHR you have found. However this is the least accurate way to find your personal zones.

    Fast forward a couple of years and found out that our book and ideas were gaining a lot of traction and that climbers really did want to take these ideas to heart. So we showed more effective ways to calculate the zones.

    While you can use 197-200 for setting your zones I highly recommend you read this article and use the methods described there in. You might also want to watch this video.

    There is a wealth of information to help you train better on this site.


    paolodup25 on #46456

    Hi Scott

    Thank you! To me, it is very exciting having the actual guy who wrote the book, directly answering my questions. It made my day 🙂

    In addition to the Max HR test (which was a one-time thing just out of interest), I am “regularly” doing the AeT 5% Drift Test and the AnT test to track my training.

    Thank you again for your time!
    Best, P

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