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    Hi all

    A quick couple of questions in regards to TFTNA programming, particular transition and base periods:

    1) Is “climbing” time counted towards total volume time?
    2) If climbing is not possible, is there a recommended substitute activity (eg: Zone 1)?

    Thank you

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    Anonymous on #21076

    If by “climbing” up mean technical rock climbing then no this does not count toward to the aerobic base training volume. The recommended training modality for all aerobic base building volume (Zone1-2) for mountain sports if running and hiking (preferably in the mountains).

    I hope this helps,

    pshyvers on #21133

    Scott, what about strength training? Is that also not included?

    I’ve just always wondered. The book talks a lot about weekly training hours and how it should progress week to week, but I couldn’t find clarity on whether that was just aerobic activity or not. So neither technical rock climbing or strength training (e.g. general strength, core routine) are intended to be included in the weekly training hours number?

    TerryLui on #21687

    Pshyvers: I believe only aerobic training is calculated in the weekly training hours?

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