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    I recently took a VO2 max test but it was primarily to gain a better idea of training zones once I could see the data. I’m not so worried about the score of 61 but whats interesting is I fasted before the test which I think may have been a blunder. I’m considering getting another test at a later date maybe after a whole training cycle. I’ve attached the results if anyone can chime in.
    The Doctor has a very different way of measuring intensity zones than TUA. I basically died out when I felt I ran out of fuel at the higher intensity and my heart rate only got to 172. I’ve personally never been able to get it that high on my own HR monitor but not really the issue. The issue is on the data sheet the doctor put my max HR at 180 which I don’t think i could physically ever achieve. After conducting a drift test myself months ago I settled on 135 Aet, recently I can sustain 138-140 for 1.5-2 hrs but I haven’t retested just noticed on my long runs I can sustain that with little to no drift.
    I’ll end my post with this. I started the skimo race plan convinced I had ADS and worked on my base aerobic for about 2 months before carrying on. After seeing these results I’m thinking either that base building paid off very quickly or I never really had ADS to begin with. As a side note I have a deviated septum so nose breathing at any pace is nearly impossible which has been giving me grief about whats zone 1 etc.
    If someone can please look at this data and tell me my interpretation is true or false
    Aet: 150
    Ant: 165
    Zone 1 top end: 135

    Thank you for your time and reply’s

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    It’s my understanding that the 50% fat/carb crossover point tends to be pretty highly correlated with aerobic threshold – in your test, that’s 165bpm. Seems like you have a high crossover point relative to your max effort, which suggests that your base building is going well!

    One thing to consider – you might see different heart rates for different sports (treadmill running for this test, I assume, vs. hills vs. skimo).

    Getting Tested Part 2: How to Interpret Your MET or GET Results

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    I suspect that the problem is that you did the test fasted. Never do a maxVO2 test fasted. You need good glycogen stores in order to produce your maximum power. By the time you got to the end of the test you’d depleted your carbs so low that fat was making up a significant portion of your energy supply.

    You can and should do a metabolic efficiency test fasted but never a maxVO2 test. I think you can pretty much write this test off to a learning experience. Did you read this article? https://uphillathlete.com/lab-metabolic-test/ Hopefully that helps. the test protocols for maxVO2 and MET tests are different


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    Thanks for the reply guys.
    I read the article about two days after the test and knew immediately it was pretty much worthless. Today in a skimo race I was able to maintain a race pace of HR 160 (on skis at about 6-7000ft higher than i normally run) for about 2.25 hrs, which then I felt muscular and cardio wise fine just very hungry. After about 300 calories I went another 45 mins but still had to replenish before the last transition.
    Thought I would see if the test had any accuracy but it seemed that HR would be just tapping into the low-mid zone 3 for me. Then again I’m very new to using HR to gauge zones, especially when i switch sports. I’m doing and AnT test in a couple days and will have a nice meal as the article suggests before hand.

    Thanks again for the reply’s

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