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    Hey team,

    I’ve seen there’s an option for Tactical Training Programmes when purchasing a programme and it reads (coming soon). Is there a date these are targeting release?

    God speed!

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    Jane Mackay on #72813

    Hi CoolCosine20,

    I contacted Alyssa who’s helping on the tactical side. We’re getting this question a lot — below is Alyssa’s response.

    Uphill Athlete is committed to helping our tactical athletes be their most mission and life ready. We are working on developing our training plans, individual coaching and group coach offering to aid our tactical athletes. We feel tactical athletes deserve the best training possible for their life or death missions and we want to help our service members feel ready for all of their known and unknown challenges. Through research and many conversations, it has become clear that our training theory will help provide the foundations of health and fitness for tactical athletes. We want to refine our offerings though and help you become your best. Through this, we are asking you, our tactical athletes, to help us best serve your needs. We are collecting information through our survey linked below. We will close this survey on Dec 15th and will take the information you provide to help determine our offerings for the tactical program. We appreciate your collaboration in our efforts to serve those who serve us. Thank you for your service and your time in helping us help you to be your mission and life best.


    RyanBlackmon on #73467

    When you say tactical do you mean primarily military? I’m a firefighter and just found uphill athlete and digging into it because the training programs that get marketed to and sold to firefighters is rubbish and leaves them beat down and broken (a lot of people I work with are 35+ with lots of back issues). I’ve done a lot of coaching education myself but don’t currently coach or care to but would love to help with the survey if it’s going to be geared to anything other than military. I just didn’t see a link.

    Jane Mackay on #73469

    Ryan, could you send your questions to coach@uphillathlete.com and one of our coaches will respond to you with a much more complete answer than I can give.

    Jane Mackay on #73470

    It doesn’t look like the email address posted. It’s coach [at] uphillathlete [dot] com

    RyanBlackmon on #73471

    Roger that

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