Switching up the rest days

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    Mondays are super heavy for me at work, so it makes the most sense for one of my rest days to be Monday instead of Sunday. I usually hike on Saturdays because of family committments on Sunday mornings. How would you recommend I rearrange the workouts to fit around these two constraints? (I’m on the base plan) I’m nervous to move workouts around since the plan was crafted so carefully!

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    Anonymous on #66526

    Hi Silviana,
    I’d just swap Sunday and Monday workouts, so Sunday is your aerobic or run/walk and Monday is rest.

    Silviana Ciurea Ilcus on #66527

    Do I also need to swap Wednesdays and Thursdays? Wednesday seems to be a rest day during some weeks in my plan and I was wondering whether Mon and Wed are too close together to be the rest days? But then Fridays are rest days too in the recovery weeks, and I get worried that I am messing with everything if I swap the rest days :O
    Thanks in advance!!

    Anonymous on #66528

    You doing great, the less you move the better ( :
    Just keep it simple and shift Monday and Sunday.
    And on any given week something might come up and you need to move a workout, I do it all the time. That is fine.
    Training happens over a very long period so moving a day here and there won’t have a massive impact.

    Silviana Ciurea Ilcus on #66529

    Sounds great! Thanks so much for the help and for replying so quickly too!

    Anonymous on #66530

    You are most welcome!

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