Switching horse (plans) in mid-stream

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    I am currently 12 weeks into the 16 week Big Mountain plan, training for a trip in July. Unfortunately, that trip was just canceled. I also have a trip planned in October (21 weeks away) assuming that it doesn’t get canceled. My question is what to do now? Should I finish out the Big Mountain plan and then repeat parts of it? I could repeat the whole plan, but would I good back to the beginning? Seems like regressing, or is it one step back for two steps forward? Or would it better to right now start at week 3 of the 24 week Expeditionary plan? Or something else? Thanks in advance.

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    You will get good benefit from just repeating the plan you have. No need to buy another one. You can certainly shorten the transition period of that plan by dropping the firs few weeks. Normally we recommend that you increase the training load on each subsequent training cycle (time you have run through the plan). How much to increase the volume is going to depend on how well you managed with the volume the fist time through. If it was very easy then a bump of even 20% can be in order. For most folks a jump of 10% is more reasonable. Only you can know this and I recommend looking closely at the notes you kept in Training Peaks to help you get an idea of what load you handled and what load taxed you too much.

    I’d finish off the next 4 weeks of your plan in any case.


    dwpyle on #41945

    Great – thanks Scott.

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