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    Hi, tomorrow (Sun, Feb 13) I’ll have completed week 3 of the 24-week Expeditionary Mountaineering training plan, which I purchased a while ago. I’m realizing my goals are actually more in line with the GT training plan (perhaps a Sisters Traverse on skis this spring), and I’m wondering if I start in on the GT training plan if I should jump in at week 4, or start over, or??? My day 7 training days for each week have thus far been skinning up Timberline on Mt Hood. I’m fine taking a little extra time if it means improving my aerobic base.

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    cstrach on #63280

    Just to add that I’ve been doing some uphilling/touring earlier this winter as well, just not really training for skimo/ski touring in a structured way. Workouts during the week was crossfit-ish kind of training for a couple months prior.

    Shashi on #65756

    Sorry, I just saw that there was no response to your query. Did you switch plans?

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