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    Hi! First of all, sorry for my english. I´m from Argentina 🙂
    I swim 3 times per week, 50 min, 1600 / 1800 meters.
    It a hard training for me. I always reach 180 bpm, specially when we train speed. I almost always end up exhausted. Much more exhausted than when I run.
    I love mountains, I´m training for Aconcagua. Maybe I need to stop “spending too much time and effort” in the pool. What do you think?
    I love swimming too, but I don´t know how to mix or merge the pool with the running, the strength routines and the recovery.

    Mo: Rest + Swim
    Tu: Run 15% + Strenght
    We: Run 10% + Swim
    Th: Run 15% + Strenght
    Fr: Rest + Swim
    Sat: Run 20%
    San: Run 40%

    I am grateful for recommendations and help!

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    pedro on #77567


    Don’t worry about your English , is actually quite good. Related to your heart rate in swimming , it seems to me that you need to build a better aerobic base by working more time on zone 1 and zone 2 , that will help you a lot with you capacity while swimming or running.
    As general preparation you can use other sports to prepare for your goal, but all the training should become specific and close to what you are going to do on your main event.
    I don’t understand what you mean with the 10%, 20% etc , but it would be important to have a more organised plan directed to your goals.
    In general you are already doing 2 strength training per week that is really good , you need to work in zone 2/1 to build a better aerobic base , raising the volume slowly towards the distance/time your area going to do on the Aconcagua climb , after the good aerobic base start putting muscle endurance workouts.


    Pedro Carvalho

    Anonymous on #77568

    Thanks Pedro.
    The % are the % of weekly volumen, only running. If I run 50 km per week, 15% I do it on Tu, 10% on We…
    I run a lot in zone 2, most of my volume is at zone 2.

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