Swimming (not just to recovery)

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    Hi! First of all, sorry for my english. I´m from Argentina 🙂
    I swim 3 times per week, 50 min, 1600 / 1800 meters.
    It a hard training for me. I always reach 180 bpm, specially when we train speed. I almost always end up exhausted. Much more exhausted than when I run.
    I love mountains, I´m training for Aconcagua. Maybe I need to stop “spending too much time and effort” in the pool. What do you think?
    I love swimming too, but I don´t know how to mix or merge the pool with the running, the strength routines and the recovery.

    Mo: Rest + Swim
    Tu: Run 15% + Strenght
    We: Run 10% + Swim
    Th: Run 15% + Strenght
    Fr: Rest + Swim
    Sat: Run 20%
    San: Run 40%

    I am grateful for recommendations and help!

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