Swapping Chamfit in the Basic Plan or adding General Strenght

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    as I add some climbing to the plan and the general strength and core routine from one of the rock climbing plans really helped me a lot, I would love to add a session a week of killer core routine as warm up and 2-3 sets of general strength routine.

    I fear that It would be too much to add this in addition to the Chamfit. Would replacing one Chamfit with the combination of killer core and general strength wise? Or would you advise for example to add some of the general strength workout (mostly the upper body part) or some of the upper body strength exercises on the MTG page after the Chamfit?

    This leads me to the question if there are also playlists for the strength training section of the MTG page you can add to your iPad for reference. With the links in TP for Chamfit and Yoga, this works well.



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    Anonymous on #71372

    Depending on an athletes individual needs I will commonly have them do one Chamfit per week and one general strength/killer core. The Cham is more movement and balanced based but doesn’t have the strength components that the general strength routine does particularly with upper body movements. Most athletes that recover well can handle 1 cham plus 1 general per week in addition for their aerobic endurance work.

    Tobias on #71378

    Thanks for the info, I normally recover well, so I would swap one. What would you think of progression? I would think just always doing the same amount from the start 12 weeks long and just increasing weight once in a while wouldn’t be ideal.

    Cory from Wisconsin on #71391

    For general strength I have see plans incorporate something like:
    Weeks 1/2 – two laps
    Weeks 3/4 – three lap
    Weeks 5/6 – four laps

    Etc. then in the even weeks also increase weight.

    The pattern is basically dial the movement, following week increase weight, following week add a lap, following week add weight, continue pattern, drop reps as weight increases.

    But at some point you will convert from general to max strength. I feel like 4 week blocks are the min and 8-12 would be the most for a block.

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