Survey: How do you find climbing partners?

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    Hi folks,

    Last year I posted here asking people’s advice about how to find partners for expeditions. Steve made an off-hand comment about needing something like Tinder for climbers.

    Well, that’s what my friend and I have decided to make. It’s sort of like a dating app, except that if you play your cards right, rather than a hot date, you get a night shivering in an uncomfortable bivi with your new pal. Cool, right?

    Anyway, we’re still in the research phase and we’d love to learn more about how you currently find partners for your climbing. If you can spare 5 minutes to fill out our very simple survey, we’d really appreciate it!


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    TerryLui on #30054

    This is great! May I suggest spreading this around like on Mountain project and etc?
    Also, I had a similar thought/need as well and came across this pre-existing app:

    The App

    Not sure what the following/user base is of it but figure it’d be handy to know about it (if you don’t already)

    amathie on #30066

    Thanks Terry! I’ve already posted it to MP, UKClimbing and various climbing subreddits. Had a pretty good response so far.

    Thanks for the heads up about Huck — I hadn’t come across that. As you say, useful to know about!

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