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    Lindsay Hunt

    I have a couple of questions regarding the Threshold Test, Cham Fit, and making sure that I’m squeezing as much out of this without squeezing the life out of me : )

    1. Threshold Test: I’m redoing my test this week due to a negative Pa:HR. I looked further into this and I think I just need to warm up a bit longer and just suck it up and do it on a track. Question is, can I just log that as one of my aerobic workouts for the week?

    Sub question to this and I apologize if you covered this in the zoom meetings (I have yet to catch up). Do you recommend breaking up the two workouts for today’s schedule the aerobic day and the run walk progression by doing one in the morning and one in the evening. If that isn’t possible how would you recommend I set that up back to back in the same day?

    2. DOMS. The first Cham fit was great. I had a little tingly sensation the following day in my bum but nothing painful. Haha, Cham Fit for an hour though wrecked me. I felt amazing during the workout and finished strong (though it was a challenge) and three days later I am still feeling the burn in my legs and bum. Should I back off and do a 20min Cham Fit tomorrow and continue doing that until I have recovered?

    3. Protein: is it acceptable for me to drink protein post Cham Fit work outs? Would this help with recovery? I really like Gnarly’s vegan shake but also wanted to hear your thoughts on this sort of thing.

    4. Recovery day activities: Is downhill skiing a yes for recovery? I had plans of going yesterday but decided against it because of the leg burn and then it got me thinking if I wouldn’t go then, could I go in the future?

    Thanks so much!!

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    Anonymous on #62264

    Hi Lindsay,
    Answers below ( :

    1. Threshold Test: Yes you can just log this as an aerobic workout this week just remember to be rested, the AeT Test should be done after a rest day.

    The two sessions are two options, you are only supposed to do one or the other, its’ outlined in the notes in the program. So either Hike or Run not both.

    2. The 20 min Cham Fit is just an intro to the movements, since you had significant DOMS from the full hour, I’d do the 20 min one more time then use the hour program and only do about half the reps of each movement and get more rest during the hour, then slowly build the number of reps up so you can progress the workout to the full hour over the next 4 – 6 weeks.

    3. Protein: Yes it is ideal to get some type of protein on board after most workouts and especially strength, so by all means drink the gnarly shake, that will help with recovery. Rebecca Dent will have loads of great nutrition info on the 25th for that zoom meeting.

    4. Recovery day activities: Is downhill skiing a yes for recovery? – For most people it’s not. If you can ski double blacks and spend the day skiing easy groomers with your 78 y/o mother in law then it is, otherwise a “ski” day, is more ME for athletes and needs to be counted as a workout. So by all means have fun and go ski! Just adjust other workouts accordingly ( :

    I hope this helps!

    Lindsay Hunt on #62277

    Carolyn, thank you so much. And dohhh I totally feel like a dingdong now after asking you even after reading it a million times in the workouts. This is all super helpful. Cheers!

    julesoldroyd0 on #72582

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    Anonymous on #74243

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