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    Hi all:

    I’m finishing up week 1 of the 8 week Alpinism plan. Today was “Max Strength” day wherein I’m pairing pull-ups with box steps, etc. Question is simple. The plan says this:

    2 x 4 reps.
    Rest 3 minutes.
    Then 2 x 3 reps.
    Rest 3 minutes.
    Then 2 x 2 reps.

    Does this mean, to use the first iteration (2 x 4 reps), 1 set of pull-ups and 1 set of box steps or 2 sets of pull-ups and 2 sets of box steps?

    Just want to do things correctly!


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    Aaron on #56758

    I read that as 2 sets of 4 reps of each (pull ups and step ups) exercise, descending to 2 sets of 3 reps each to 2 sets of 2 reps of each.

    xiankiefer on #56759

    That’s how I read it too. I just don’t want to overdo it. (Or under do it.)

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