Sudden jumps in pace at certain HR levels

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    I’ve recently noticed that there will be nonlinear increases in my pace when I hit certain HR levels and I’m curious as to whether this signals that a certain threshold are crossed. For example, I often do progressive aerobic runs where I’ll increase my bpm by 2 or 3 beats a mile. My pace will pretty much increase very gradually and linearly until I hit a certain HR and then the pace suddenly jumps up and then increases linearly again after that.

    I’ve also noticed something similar during high tempo/low anaerobic runs. Yesterday, I did a 5k and let my bpm increase linearly about 6% from beginning to end. For the first two miles, my pace only increased by about 3% but it increased by about 5.6% from mile 2 to 3 after crossing about 92% of max HR.

    Has anybody else noticed this? Does this mean anything or am I just on a fishing expedition?

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    Dada on #71006

    Some possible explanation could be that you

    – are more efficient on some parts of your HR spectrum than on others since you train there a lot

    – could be tired/fatigued so your HR does not reflect your increase in exertation

    Not really sure about the thresholds though

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    Thanks Dada. I don’t think it’s the training effect because I tend to train below 92% of max heart rate about 95% of the time. So it was surprising to see the jump occur where I rarely train.

    But I think you might be onto something about fatigue. I will have to try to replicate what I experienced after taking a few days off and see if it still happens.

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