Struggling with keeping up with plans.

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    I have a kind of weird job that is very unconsistent in dates and hours, I can be free for two weeks and then have 3 consecutive days of 12-14 hours of work, and this changes all the time. So I definitely wouldn’t say I’m time constricted, but more like “erratic and unpredictable free time”. I’ve been struggling with keeping up with training plans for two years now since I first got TFNA and later a training plan, because I can do one, maybe two consecutive weeks of consistent work and keep the schedule and then it will come a week or two with lots of work that throws me off completely. I have to say that even this type of on and off exercising has been good and I see results, but I wonder if there is a workaround this thing.

    I have to say that I haven’t really dig in and put one hour of running before my 12 hour work days, but I don’t see that as beneficial either, maybe I’m wrong…

    Also, I was thinking maybe if some train days can be done as two session days. For instance i had scheduled a 1:30 Z2 run today, I did it first thing and felt really good and now I have to hold back the urge to go to the climbing gym in the afternoon… Maybe if I was feeling strong and could crunch two sessions on the free days I could make up for the 3 days for example that next week I wont be able to train?
    I know from reading you tons of times that this is not ideal but there really is nothing I can do about my job schedule… wich sometimes is great because I have tons of free time too!


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    Anonymous on #13166

    Truly erratic schedules like you are describing make it hard to be consistent. If you have at least a few days of forewarning of when these 3 consecutive 12-14 hour days then you can load up the preceding days as mini over reaching block of training then take the work days as a recovery period.

    If you only have to work 3 days between 2 weeks where you can adhere to a plan then that approach may be the best. Maybe I am misunderstanding your question, however.


    carlosdvg on #13214

    Thanks Scott, you got the question perfectly I think (sorry for the bad english…)

    Can I take overreaching as doing two sessions un a day when I feel Up to It or It Will be worse?


    Anonymous on #13245

    Yes; 2 workouts in a day may amount to over reaching. No one can tell you this without knowing a lot more about you. You should try going into this work period a bit physically tired and see if you recover during those days away from training. Using a trial and error method like this you should be able to find a balance in over reaching and recovering for these work stints.


    mountain_stoke on #13427

    If there are 16 awake hours in the day and a 12 hr work day, id put at least 1 and hopefully 2 of those hours left toward training.

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