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    Hi everybody,

    I am currently training by the “uphill athete” book guidelines, and started to mix in the muscle endurance gym based workout for the legs. It beats me up, but somehow I feel it works for me.
    However, I really struggle to fit this in weekly between my (flat and fast) Z3/Z4 workout, (hilly) long run and rest day which I all don’t want to sacrifice.
    I find that after my hilly long run my legs might be too tired for 1 or 2 days to do ME.

    Would it be a wise thing to do the ME sets straight after my Z3/Z4 interval (flat, not hilly) sessions, or would that be too much / counterproductive??
    (At least This way I can hae plenty of easy Z1/Z2 days in between).

    I hope my queastion is clear enought and I would really appreciate your thoughts on this!



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    Dada on #48511


    There is a software glitch somewhere. Can’t post my reply with the relevant links. Search for my username and you will find two posts:

    – ME & Z3 at the same time
    – How to distribute 3 intensity WO in your base weeks?

    Best regards

    Anonymous on #48524

    You need to add more recovery days between these sessions.

    Training plans are just generic guidelines. They never go according to plan for anyone. It’s impossible for them to do so. You could alternate weeks of ME and Z3+ if you want to maintain a 7-day cycle. Or you could stretch the cycle by adding more rest days between them.

    The worst choice would be to soldier on and try and force your body to adapt to a schedule it is already protesting against. That won’t end well.

    sf_maverick on #48546

    Thank you Dada and Scott for helping me out and a merry christmas.

    Dada on #48547

    Happy to help! Mery Christmas, Skip!

    Dada on #48510

    Hi Skip,

    I asked similar questions before, so the answers might help you:

    How to distribute 3 intensity WO in your base weeks?

    ME & Z3 not at the same time

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards

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