Strength vs Aerobic Time

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    Hannah Estrich

    Hello! I am signed up for the intermediate plan and noticed that the amount of time scheduled for strength training is more than what I expected, or vice versa that the amount of time scheduled for aerobic training is less than expected.

    I thought I heard on the call today that our training should be 20/80 strength to aerobic, but I’m seeing closer to 30/70 or even 35/65 in the TP plan. I feel pretty confident that I’ll end up with some longer hiking days on the weekend that will bring me closer to 20/80 anyways, but just curious about the scheduled ratio and if that is intentional?

    Also, the strength sessions don’t seem to lessen at all on the recovery weeks, so those weeks are particularly heavy on the strength to aerobic ratio, closer to 50/50. Is the intent that we continue the same level of strength training through the recovery weeks?

    Thank you!

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    Anonymous on #65493

    Hi Hannah,
    The 80/20 ratio is for an entire year or more worth of training and events. Not a ratio applied to a weekly or even monthly progression. In this case, a quality base of strength is critical for movement economy (efficiency) for endurance athletes so as with any program we begin by building strength while steadily building aerobic base. Over the duration of the 12 week program your aerobic work will increase with time. Then if for example you have a goal of climbing a mountain or running a longer trail race you’d have taper weeks and performance weeks with little or no strength training and much longer endurance efforts so it all averages out to approximately 80/20 over an annual plan.
    I hope this helps.

    Hannah Estrich on #65517

    Awesome, that makes sense. Thank you Carolyn!

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