Strength Training load score, Garmin watches

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    Good morning,
    I got the new Garmin FR965 a couple of weeks ago and thus far quite happy with the watch. It seems to be tracking acute training load for aerobic training which gives input to “Training Status”, “Training Readiness”, “Body Battery” etc. This seems to be quite right until I start introducing strength sessions which my watch scores way lower than I think it should. A 3km slow run gets scored way higher than a 1hr max strength session…

    Does anyone here know how to make the watch give more reasonable scores for explosive/anaerobic training sessions like strength?

    I have TrainingPeaks premium account, so following TSS philosophy here at UA seems to give more accurate results. I just want to compare my Garmin against TP wrt training load.

    Thank you!

    T Vesla

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