Strength training for splitboarding/mountaineering – TftNA or TftUA regimen?

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    after purchasing both of your (incredible) books I wonder if my main goal is somewhat in the middle ground between those two.
    Im training for single push weekend warrior mountain trips with up to 2000 meter vertical gain and 30-35 km of distance. Typically consisting of a pitch or two of climbing or technical scrambling towards the peak which leads to a backpack weighing at most 11-12 kgs. During the winter season I do splitboarding (I know…), which gives me a handicap during the winter compared to summer season, but also gives a even greater motivation to train. Ie, my main goal is to optimize my training time for something quite close to ski mountaineering mixed with a bit of climbing.
    (Nothing is more delighting for a splitboarder than passing by Dynafitters when skinng uphill..)

    For the strength/ME aspect; would you recommend following the TftNA or UA strength protocols? Im able to perform the strength exercises described in UA fairly easily. I have access to only undulating terrain where I live (Oslo), ie typically 300 meter vert on a 10 km round.

    Merry Christmas to all of you and happy new year!
    (I just edited this post so it turned pink and disappeared. Please remove if I got it duplicated!)

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    Anonymous on #35098


    Thanks for buying one of our plans and for writing to us with this question. One thing we have found while using many different ME workout protocols is that they all work. There are many ways to improve this ME quality that all will pay off big for your days in the mountains. Give you location I suggest using the gym based ME workout. It’ll be easier for you to use consistently. Weather and snow conditions will not impact it. I use this program with Skimo racers, alpinists, runners and general mountaineers. It works and is way better than a compromised outdoor ME workout where you might no have a steep enough hill.

    Good luck.

    Mariner_9 on #35721

    Hi trygve,

    I’m also training for splitboarding and hiking. I only have TFNA so can’t comment on UA. For ME, I’ve been doing weighted box steps (or stair climbs) as recommended in TFNA. I use 5 pound ankle weights on each leg and 20 pounds in a backpack to emulate as closely as possible what I carry when splitting.

    re: “Nothing is more delighting for a splitboarder than passing by Dynafitters when skinng uphill” – on the contrary, nothing is better than being out all day and not seeing anyone else. 😉

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