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    Hi there,

    This is my first post on the forum and I’d like to extend my appreciation for the knowledge you share.

    Having purchased both NA and UA I have decided I’d like to try a 50k ultra, I just have a question regarding the strength component. I understand once you are capable of performing the stage 3 routine you move on to specific strength, but is it worth keeping the general strength in there? Also, my strength far exceeds the stage 3 so would you recommend performing the max strength protocols from NA?

    Thanks again.

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    Aaron on #62410

    I think there are likely a few ways to think about this. My 5 cents:

    1) if you like MaxS and have >stage 3 capacity then sub stage 3 for MaxS earlier.
    2) MaxS has been mentioned in UA books and elsewhere as something that can be sprinkled in as maintenance and almost ‘recovery’ like strength workout (e.g. neuro vs metabolic stimulus)
    3) I think generally at later stage training sport specific is the recommendation, but if you like/want gym strength work then fill your running shoes, just understand it might not be the optimal thing?
    4) I also get the impression from other coaching approaches out there, that general strength is recommended at later stages of training to reduce that stress to make space for the sport specific running work.
    5) I have found that if I go too long without strength work that is when niggles appear. I am trying to not go more than a month or two without some strength work. And if I go to long without, then I need to start with general to ease back in.

    Ewan90 on #62453

    Thanks for responding. This is exactly what I was thinking so thanks for your input.

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