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    Just looking through the Mike Foote big vert plan (alongside Tftua) and just wondering whether I should be including any other strength workouts outside of what is in the plan? Tftua suggest 2 strength (general or specific) per week during the base weeks and suggests adding core to the start of the strength workouts.

    Big vert plan has a specific strength workout in the form of hill sprints but I don’t see any core workouts mentioned and the other strength-like workout is ME which would be separate in tftua. Do people just fit in the core workout on the same day as the hill sprints?

    Apologies if I have missed something



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    Jared Casper on #51274

    Not a direct answer to your question, but interesting to note that the online ME workout that is very similar to the ME workout in the Big Vert plan has core work as part of the warmup:

    Might be that the online version with core workout warmup is more generic and the one in the Big Vert plan with the running warmup is more running specific?

    Personally I do either warmup before ME depending on my mood. 🙂

    dan.k on #51312

    Hi Jared,

    Yes, I had noticed that tftua also says that they generally do core as part of the warmup for one of the strength sessions.

    Probably makes sense to do as you suggest and just fit some core work in as part of a warm up.



    Anonymous on #52376

    I think the description for the ME workouts in Big Vert includes some core work in the warm-up, no?

    Garret on #52402

    I don’t see any core in my Big Vert’s ME.

    The ME warmup is a 20 min running warm up and then it’s straight into the ME.

    The functional runner in the Big Vert has a couple of core exercises but it is replaced by hill sprints for those who have good hip stability.

    – Garret.

    Anonymous on #53602


    Thanks for brining this point up. Here’s my explanation that I may have discussed in other threads on different plans:

    When we put these plans together we have no idea who will be using them, their fitness level etc. As you no doubt know from reading anything we have written; the best training will be as individualized to the athlete as possible. It’s just not possible to write a one sized fits all plan that will be individualized for anyone in particular. So, instead we try to make the plans as universal as we can while adhering to the core UA principles (the Big Vert plan is customizable to some extent). That universality necessitates that all our stock plans to be the minimum training one should shot for the intended goal. They aren’t, nor can they be, the ideal training for any particular person. That would require a great deal of customization by the user or a coach. We hope to have imparted enough knowledge, through our books and website, to help any athlete make tweaks to these stock plans.

    This is long way of saying that, YES, you can add to this plan, be it additional strength work or even more volume/vert. You can modify with the most appropriate additions while adhering to core plan and just monitor how you are handling these
    additions are working for you in terms of recovery.

    I hope this helps.

    dan.k on #53621

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks very much for the response. That all makes total sense. I tend to find myself taking things from TFTUA in combination with the training plan and tweaking so it sounds like Im on the right track. I am actually really enjoying trying to set/adjust/tweak the plan myself after having had a coach set things in the past. I suspect I will want to go back to having someone help when I have more specific events/goals in the future but given that 2021 is still a bit of a weird year with covid (and I have a fairly young baby) trying to do some of it myself (with the help of the plan) has actually been quite satisfying. That is especially true when I notice the difference in certain abilities across a number of weeks.

    Thanks again for setting up and supporting this site. I am a big fan.


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