Strength and Aerobic Training Period Mismatch

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    I am currently following a 34 week annual training plan focused on mountaineering and ski-mountaineering. Due to a shoulder injury, I have not been able to do any strength training however the injury hasn’t prevented me from running/aerobic training.
    My shoulder is now at a point where I can start strength training again and I am now into the seventh week of the transition period having completed all the aerobic, but none of the strength components.
    Having cranked out a few push ups, I have lost quite a bit of upper body strength and shoulder mobility over the past two months.
    My question is, should I continue on into the base period complete, pursue the strength and aerobic components on different timelines or just bight the bullet and re-start the ATP at the beginning of the (potentially shortened) transition period?


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    Rachel on #53847

    If it was me, I would continue on with the plan but have the strength training on its own timeline. Were you able to do lower body strength training at all or was it just the upper body strength training that you had to stop?

    Mac on #53855

    Didn’t bother with any lower body strength training. The circuit nature relying on the alternating between upper and lower body exercises and the additional mis-match between doing lower body max strength and upper body general strength work outs didn’t make much sense.
    Also manipulating a 20kg bar over my head/on my shoulders for box step ups/split squats etc wasn’t very workable.

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #54525

    You can just hold a kettlebell or weight plate instead of the bar. I agree with Rachael, you will need to develop UE strength on its own plan/pace. Renegade rows are a great strength builder without having to do push ups. Use a band for pull ups.

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