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    Felipe Q

    Hi all, I am looking at purchasing one or two of the UA mountaineering training plans, and I am looking at other plans as well. In reading through the sample plans I noted some information on box-steps. Your plan says “For step ups use a 30-40cm (12-15?) box to step up. Face the box and step up then back down repeat for prescribed reps then switch legs. For Step Downs you may need a smaller box. Step off the top as though going down a set of stairs. Touch your heel to floor and rise up again. Select a weight that allows 5-6 reps till failure. Do 4-5 sets of only 4 reps on each leg with this weight in each exercise. Do not go to failure Increases in weight should come week to week ”

    As part of my research, I have seen other mountaineering plans (eg.Mountain Tactical Institute) that have “1,000 Step Ups or Climb 1,300 Vertical Feet @ 25# pack” as part of a morning routine.

    I’m not questioning the wisdom of your plans or theirs, I just want to understand the rationale for the delta between the number of suggested reps on a step-up, which I take to be a critical exercise for mountain fitness. One seems to focus on strength, the other on endurance.

    Thanks for any info you provide. Felipe

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    Steve House on #4544

    Hi Filipe,
    The sample workout of Mtn Tactical’s that you are referring to is an aerobic workout. While the workout in which we refer to the step ups and step downs are strength workouts. Our plans incorporate 2 gym based strength workouts per week and the protocols are periodized, which in a nutshell means that the reps/sets prescriptions change over time as you gain fitness. Our plans also incorporate 4 days of aerobic workouts per week, and you will be given options of how to perform those workouts. I hope that helps. If you have further questions, post away. Thanks,

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