Starting training when overweight is a mistake

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    My experience is that before starting you gotta lose weight, 8 weeks of transition are not sufficient.
    i am 188cm and weighted 98kg (6’2″, 216 lbs ) when i first started training, overweight but also muscular, in 6 months near the end of the base period i did 180hrs of training.

    At the end of the 6 months i weighted 97kg, i improved my AET and resistence and everything but the diet while training everyday for long periods was unsustainable.
    I was ALWAYS hungry, because i trained everyday and i ate A LOT.

    Now i’ve decided to extend the transition period, i train 3hs/week and i lost 5kg because the diet is super easy to maintain, i’m planning to go 85kg and start all’over again.

    That’s my experience, maybe the book is for already fit athletes but there is no way i can lose weight while doing all the training.

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    riccifabio95 on #65305

    Here a pie chart of my training during 6 months, custom is climbing in crag or multipitch or gym

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