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    Hi guys.

    I’m considering taking out your training plan for trail running which says that is for intermediate runners. I wouldn’t call myself an intermediate mountain runner however I do have a good level of running fitness. A lot of my runs do have some decent vert at maybe 1500 feet or more for 6 miles or under. Would this work for me? I’m taking on some short races in the hills over the next few weeks and I have a 30k mountain run at the end of June. I desperately need some structure. I come from triathlon background. Would this be a good plan? Recently received my copy of training for the uphill athlete the whole way to Ireland. Loved it.

    Cheers lads.

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    ian.mcm85 on #19649

    It is the Mike Foote plan by the way.

    Anonymous on #19735


    Thanks for writing in and considering one of our plans. And thanks for buying our new book. I think you’ll find it useful. See below for just how useful it can be for you.

    Both Mike Foote’s and Luke Nelson’s plan are very effective but they are designed to prepare you for either a season of mountain runs and races or for one big event. Trying to race while embarking on the base period of either of the plans is going to have some negative consequences on your performance short term. The plans are designed to build your specific mountain running capacity. I suggest your jump to page 74-78 in Training for the Uphill Athlete. This will explain why you can’t effectively race and build capacity at the same time (unless you are already supremely fit).

    Either plan should be undertaken with the long term goal as primary. To do this you’d count back 20 weeks form your “A” event and begin Mike’s plan. I can promise you will have very good results doing so. Mixing in other races during the base building period is certainly possible if you use the plan as designed. Just don’t expect your best results in those training races (again unless very fit). Since you are only 12 weeks out from you main race this plan can’t be compressed to fit that schedule without significant adjustments.

    I hope this helps,

    ian.mcm85 on #19747

    Hi Scott. Thanks your reply. Understand totally. So if I was to cut out the wee races and stay at the aerobic training, would it still be okay to do the bigger one in june without too much damage to my aerobic work?actually have another marathon in August with about 4000ft of vert which is part of an ironman distance race. This is probably my A race and the one I am most concerned about. I have already started the plan so I will stick with it and see how it goes. Also one more thing, would high intensity cycling sessions be okay or will I need to cut back on them also? I’m a decent enough cyclist but not so great at running so I don’t want it getting in the way of my program.

    Thanks very much


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