Starting Mike Foote's Big Vert Plan Early

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    Eric T

    I am using the plan to train for Luke Nelson’s 50 miler in June. With it being a 20 week plan, it has me start towards the end of January. I took some time off from running last month due to a cold that just wouldn’t go away and want to build my base back up. I have been on my bike trainer for the last few weeks, but haven’t run much.

    With that, I have a few questions. Could I start the plan now which would give me 10-11 weeks additional training? I am using this race as a stepping stone to maybe doing a fall 100 miler. I also have a few 50ks I am doing as training races.

    When the plan actually starts, where would a good place to blend the plans together?

    Also, during the first week there is a morning fasted run. This will be difficult to do as I get up early for work already and not sure running on trails at 4 am is a good idea. (It may be a great idea.) If I do it in the evening, how long should I fast before I do it?

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    Aaron on #31167

    I did my first full 8 week transition this year prior to starting the mike foote plan for a second time following TFTUA and using the mike foote funtional hip workout as my general strength workout and progressing it from bodyweight through increasingly heavy weights. Just 2 weeks into the Big Vert but the starting bodyweight ME progression in it feels just fine with totally reasonable delayed onset muscle soreness vs the first yr barely walking 1.5 days after. Just one thought on way to add ~ 8 weeks.

    Eric T on #31189

    My TFTUA arrives today, so I’ll take a look. I started doing the functional runner strength for remedial hip strength already as I know my hips are glutes are weak points.

    Anonymous on #31406


    By all means start your base running NOW. Do not wait till January. You want to be comfortable handling 25miles/week to start with on Week #1.

    Since you’ve taken a break I’d suggest starting back running volume wise with 50% of whatever the average of your last full month’s of running was. The increase no more than 10% in the build weeks and cut back when needed for recovery weeks by 50%. Get miles on the legs now so that you can make the most of the plan come January.

    For fasted PM runs. 3-4 hours.


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