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    Hi there,

    I’m headed to Alaska in April/May for an 8-day intermediate mountaineering course. I’ve used your 24-week and 16-week training programs for various objectives in the past. I was planning on using the 24-week program starting in mid-November, but I got sick with a nagging cough for the first several weeks, so I started over. I just completed Week 1 during what was week 21. I am now 20 weeks out.

    My question is this: Now that I’m squarely in between the two programs, what should I do? Should I officially push the start the 24-week program to last week? Or should I do the 16-week and do something like the first 4 weeks of the 24-week plan on an ad hoc basis in between now and the official start of the 16 week plan? Or should I start the 16-week plan now and add something to the back end?

    Thank you!

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    rcj on #73358

    Based on what I’ve seen from coaches here, I think the 16 week plan, followed by repeating weeks 17-20 at the end would be the right call.

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