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    Starting the base period on monday and have a few questions regarding some of the notes. I cant make heads or tails of what this means:

    “15 min t-mill Run/hike warm up 10′ easy + 5′ of 1′ fast 1′ easy.”

    Also, for steep uphill hikes – the best i have nearby is a 35m tall “ski” hill which is pretty steep. Would that be good enough to just go up and down? I don’t really know what is meant by ‘continuous’ hills.

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    Anonymous on #21077

    Thanks for writing in. It sounds like you are using one of our training plans.

    Those instructions mean that you warm up for 15 minutes. Note that the ‘ symbol can be used interchangeably to indicate feet in distance, minutes in time, and arc minutes in angle. So context matters. Here we are referring to time so it means minutes of time. So during this warm up one will do 10 minutes easy followed by 1 minute fast and one minute easy for the remaining 5 minutes of the warm up.

    Continuous hills refer to a hill where the full duration of the up portion of the workout can be completed continuously rather then having to do laps on a smaller hill. But in your case you can also do laps on your local ski hill. If possible you might consider occasionally doing some longer sustained uphill work on a steep treadmill.

    I hope this helps,

    edanfried on #21079

    Hey Scott,
    I am! Just finishing up my transition period today and moving onto base.
    Unfortunately I only have 5 weeks left until my objective (albeit not a very difficult one). Will be continuing the plan after.

    Thanks. That makes so much more sense.

    Unfortunately in toronto we dont have anything uphill continuous and ive been trying to avoid tall dreary buildings. I might have to give in at this point or move out west.

    Do you have any ideas of any modifications i should make if i only have enough for 5 weeks of base? Or just continue on as planned and hope for the best. I realize this isnt ideal.

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