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    Hello community!

    I found a decent price for a second hand stairmaster 4000 pt, which is a kind of an “advanced” stepper. You can see how it works here:

    I have never used one and I was wondering if it could be a decent alternative to the “escalator type” of stairmaster in terms of training effect for uphill, or if it would just be a waste of money.

    Any feedback is appreciated!


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    brianbauer on #63453

    I moved last year and my stairmaster did not make the cut when I was packing. I regret this decision. its hard to say how the stair master would apply to running, but for indoor skimo training I would be using it. stair climbers enable zero-impact uphill type exercise that can be done at a feverish pace( Z4/Z5).

    ilbuiz on #63455

    Thanks a lot for the reply! Just for clarity, are you talking about the 4000 pt model (which is basically an advanced stepper), or the “escalator type”?

    Side note: I would not buy it for training for running (as I just go running outdoor already), but rather for “uphill” training that possibly could be done with the 4000 pt. I am just not sure that the 4000 pt would be beneficial as it is quite different from the “escalator” stairmaster.

    brianbauer on #63470

    I am talking about something like the 4000. I don’t remember the exact model that I owned. I like the idea that a step mill uses your body weight for resistance rather than pedals that have chain resistance. a step mill would allow you to wear a pack or even ski boots(or leg weights). step mills seem to cost a lot more and appear much larger than pedal based machines. if I were to buy another climber machine, I would probably see if there was something that also allowed your arms to be used….for me, this is a closer approximation to skimo. I currently have a treadmill and I have setup variable resistance pulleys to simulate ski poles…but my treadmill only has incline up to 12%.

    MarkPostle on #63495

    It depends a bit on what kind of activity you’re training for but in my experience with my coached athletes this type of stepper is not among the most effective. I like the incline trainer treadmill (up to 40%) the best if I had to pick one and probably the “stairmill” type machine second. There are 2 things about this type of stairmaster that I think make it a bit less effective, first since your feet never leave the pads there’s very little demand for having to “balance” with each new step and you lose some of that movement skill. Secondly you’re lifting your center of gravity very little with each step in that your weight and gravity push the step down as much as anything. On paper it seems like it should be good training somehow but when I have gotten out in the field with folks that spend a big chunk of their training volume on these type machines carrying a pack up a real hill is a more genuine challenge than it should be. How that helps guide your choices and of course if you found a screaming deal its way way better than not having a machine at all and not training!

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