StairMill vs. Vertical Climber

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    First of all, let me preface this question by apologizing if it sounds plebeian in any way.

    I live in a non-hilly/mountainous region of the northeastern US, and am an aspiring 46er/111er. To compensate for the lack of outdoor training opportunities and enjoyable winter weather, I have been completing most of my preparation for these mountains in the gym. To prepare for last summer’s hiking season, I had a routine of functional strength training, running, spin class, and time of the StairMill, and when I actually got to the mountains, I felt stronger and more prepared than I ever had before.

    I attempted to recreate this routine as closely as possible from home, after COVID forced gyms to close. However, many elements had to be left out entirely, and I found myself woefully underprepared for this year’s trip. With gyms still closed and fears of a second wave of COVID, I plan to make a few additions to my home gym, which leads to my question.

    After considering what was “cut” from my fitness preparations, and re-reading sections os TFTNA, I think part of my problem was I did not have access to the StairMill. However, I do not have the room nor the budget to afford one of my own, and so was considering a vertical climber instead. Have any of you found these to be useful or effective in your training? Is a vertical climber a viable alternative to a StairMill?

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    Anonymous on #43989

    I haven’t heard of a vertical climber. Can you post a link?

    KateV on #43998

    Hi Scott – Absolutely, I hadn’t heard of it until very recently, either!

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    AF on #44011

    Was just about to ask a similar question. Was looking at getting some sort of low impact machine to keep things going through injury etc. Vertical climber looks more specific to mountain activities than a cross trainer/eliptical and is much cheaper! Just wonder how easy it will be to stay below AeT on it.

    Anonymous on #44013

    These can be a very useful tool for those without access to a lot of vertical. The only brand I have some experience with is called Versa-climber as I remember it. While I’ve not trained on one I have tried them and would count is as effective as a stair machine. Because is is using all four limbs you will see higher HRs. The reason: more muscle mass engages means higher demand for O2 do HR will have to increase to supply that.

    It might be a big challenge for someone with ADS to start with a machine like this for all their aerobic base work.

    Good luck,

    KateV on #44017

    Hi Scott – thank you so much, I really appreciate your perspective and advice!

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