Sport specifity: Mountain running vs. mountaineering

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    What would you suggest mimics ski mountaineering in terms of sport specifity best: uphill running or mountaineering?

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    Anonymous on #29375

    Do you mean ski touring (heavier gear, slower pace, slower cadence) or skimo racing (light gear, faster, high cadence)?

    For the ski touring, mountaineering is probably closest.

    For skimo racing, uphill hiking and roller skiing would be the most specific.

    Of course, running won’t hurt either.

    Dada on #29398

    I meant ski touring.

    The reason I’m asking: I was mainly training for mountaineering and running at best hilly but mainly flat terrain (due to ADS). Today, I did my first mountain run and although I was right at AeT, my muscles in my legs were burning a lot. There were trashed right after in a muscular way). So to me this means there is not so much specifity between mountaineering and running uphill for my case.

    Do you think training uphill running will still benefit my main sport in winter, which is ski touring?

    Or is there something else wrong?

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    Anonymous on #29442

    As long as you’re at or below AeT, it can’t hurt.

    However, very few people can actually run uphill and still be aerobic. “Mountain running” is a misnomer for most people unless they’re specifically training at a high intensity. Usually, most base training would be uphill hiking.

    TerryLui on #31463

    Mountain Hiking just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Mountain Running lol

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