Spiking heart rate but training feels easy

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    I have been training for Denali for the past few months following roughly the 24 week plan. I use nose breathing as a guide. Doing weighted step-ups I transition from nose to mouth breathing around 130 BPM.

    I have been doing steps ups with a pack one a week for the past 10 weeks (transitioning from 30 to now 40lbs.) My issue was today I did stepups with 40 lbs. Within 20 minutes my heart rate was up to 130 and at the 40 minute mark my hr was up around 140. Much higher than it usually is. However, I was breathing completely normal out of my nose. I was breathing almost like I was sitting at my desk, I felt extremely strong and after an hour didn’t feel fazed at all. I could have kept going.

    Any idea what such a high hr but easy breathing and feeling strong means? Every week prior I started breathing harder at 130 and a 140 HR would have me fully breathing out of my nose. Not today.

    I am thinking I have been overtraining? But I didn’t have the accompanying fatigue. Or maybe this was just a weird day and move on? Another thing was that I was sweating profusely, but I usually do that when I work out. My wife thinks it is exercised-induced hyperthermia which made my HR spike while the training felt easy.

    thank. Not a lot of information to work off of, but I have never had an episode where my HR went up but everything else felt great

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    Anonymous on #64736

    Have any way to measure your performance during these workouts? How many steps do you normally take? And how many did you take this time? If you were moving faster your HR would naturally be higher. A higher HR at the same perceived exertion and metabolic marker of nose breathing would indicate an increase in aerobic capacity. That’s a GOOD thing.

    Hyperthermia would come along with a feeling of higher exertion and effort. So, I doubt that.

    I hope this helps,

    kevin98208 on #64860

    Thanks Scott. I don’t have a way to measure performance as that day I had just received a stadium step counter (darn you supply chain issues) to keep track. I don’t know if I was going faster or slower…so I will just chalk it up to a weird day and keep better logs.

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