Solutions for Carrying GPS watch on Harness

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    Hi, I’m looking for solutions to carry a watch on my harness for climbing in a way that wont get it smashed up. In situations where I’m carrying a bag I’ll normally just put it in the top pocket but recently I’ve found myself doing a lot of single pitch and short multipitch climbing where carrying anything on my back to be unnecessary. I tried wearing it on my wrist for a while, but found it was getting caught whenever I did jams. There are some carry cases available on that look like they might work, but I’m unconvinced about their strength for when I inevitably take falls on sport routes. Does anyone have an ingenious solution to this problem?


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    Anonymous on #44986

    What I do on sport climbs is take my watch off and put it in my pack top pocket. You’ll only be away from the watch for 10-15 min at most so it’s easy to refer to it occasionally. On longer rock climbs I attach/buckle the watch wrist strap snuggly around the waist belt of my harness close to the belay loop. It is very unlikely to contact the rock there (min never has). It’s out of the way and I can refer to it from time to time to make sure we’re not going to get benighted on the climb 🙂


    LindsayTroy on #49604

    I know this is old, and I’m not sure you’re gender, but I loop my watch around my bra strap. I put it so the face of the watch is facing into my skin. Even if I’m not wearing a shirt it doesn’t get smashed up.

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