Slightly Tweaked Knee

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    Hi there. I must have pulled some muscles around my left knee during the long hike on Sun and still have a bit of pain. I took yesterday completely off as prescribed but was wondering if I should take another full rest day today or do an easy z1 walk? I’ve already reluctantly accepted that ME is out of the question today…as well as done a couple yoga recovery videos this morning. Thanks.

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    MarkPostle on #65761

    Krish, If its still bothering you I would definitely take an extra day off then start back with unweighted Z1 on very even surfaces and see how it responds. If its still really bothering you by the end of the week I would seriously consider getting it checked out to ensure you haven’t done some structural damage to the knee.

    krish on #65770

    Thanks Mark. It’s hard not to feel like a slacker when taking an extra day off, but makes sense! And, I am getting it looked at on Thu.

    But, this ques got me thinking…if I ended up making this a full rest week for extra recovery, that would leave 2 remaining build weeks before the prescribed consolidation week. Assuming I was fully recovered, is 2 build weeks enough before a rest week, or is it better to repeat last week and make it a full 3 weeks before a full rest week? Hope that makes sense.

    MarkPostle on #65772

    Krish, if this week ends up being a rest week and if you are FULLY recovered then I normally will repeat the prior week and make it a full 3 week build cycle.

    krish on #65774

    Makes sense. Thanks!

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