Sleep-Train Tradeoff

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    Hi all,

    I’ve been following a training regime for a few years now from UA to complete various West Coast alpine rock and ski mountaineering climbs. I had a baby this summer (child #2) so that of course impacts my ability to train consistently in earnest. I was typically training 5-6 days a week, 3 days of running, 2 days of strength/core/base, and 1 day outside. As a general rule, if I had an opportunity to go outside and climb or ski, I would do that at the expense of a “structured” training day; this was usually about twice a week depending on my schedule.

    My question: my time is very pressed, obviously, and as I cannot spend the same amount of time in the gym/running/climbing as I was even 6 months ago, and will not for the next year or so, I need to make some tradeoffs. The main tradeoff I see right now is sleep versus train: that is, I can train “normally” (2-2.5 hrs, say) but then it eats into my sleep OR I can train less and sleep more. Even 1 extra hour of sleep feels like half a day sometimes. I’m leaning toward “train less, sleep more” for the simple reason that sleep is absolutely critical to physical and mental recovery but I’m wondering what other folks’ experience has been and advice they may have.

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    i started training when i wasn’t working, when i started working again my time got smashed similar to having a kid (which i do have 2) i base it on how i’m feeling if i get too tired i give up training and sleep, always take care of your body. for instance just this morning i was out on my run i was so tired during it, i cut the run short went home and napped on the couch for 20min before needing to get up to lunches made and ready for work and kids for school.

    i recently started waking up 30min before i normally do for my runs to get longer runs in, it’s helped but it also takes a toll depending on how i sleep. it’s all going to come down to how your baby is and your wife…… my 1st woke up every hour or 2 hrs and my wife and i took turns taking care of him…. there is no way i could have trained being that sleep deprived, worked a full time job and everything else. at times i could barely stay awake at work…..

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