Sky run as AnT test?

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    Hi guys,

    I was racing 1.5 weeks ago. It took my exactly one hour:

    I was running roughly 50% of the course and the other I was power hiking. Always switching during the race depending on the grade. I was performing at the max I think. After the finish line I was barely able to walk the first 15 minutes right after.

    As I understand it correctly, running is tiring my quads, while power hiking is using my hamstrings mainly, right? So I’m not sure if the AnT is valid, since I was “only” performing ~30 minutes running and ~30 minutes power hiking.

    Can I use the 185 bpm as a new running AnT? Can I use the 185 bpm for mountaineering well?

    Best regards

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    Dada on #45506

    Maybe some more background:
    My HR_max is 202 (tested 2 years ago) and it is really, really hard to get my HR higher than 185 bpm when doing 30s/30s.

    And wearing boots and carrying a backpack while mountaineering makes the 185 bpm unreachable (I think this points again to my very bad ME).

    Anonymous on #45526

    …and it was all uphill (rather than rolling). After this event, 185 is a pretty solid estimate of AnT HR.

    …but I wouldn’t conclude very bad ME. Lower HRs with loads is normal.

    Dada on #45540

    Thanks, Scott!

    That makes me aerobic deficient again ? damn.

    Despite training for 1.5 years solely below AeT, it seems that two weeks of threshold training made my AnT increase by 6 beats (last AnT in May 2019 @179).

    Maybe it’s time again to test if my AeT is still at 165 or higher.

    Best regards

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