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    Could anyone tell me which incline trainer Coach Maya Seckinger was using in the “Train Outside the Box” video, paired along with a wall mounted Concept 2 SkiErg?


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    Anonymous on #17731


    That is a Nordic Track incline trainer. We opted for buying a reconditioned one with minimal bells and whistles.


    jones on #17761

    Thanks – Looks like a smashing setup!

    Anonymous on #17768

    @jones: Both Scott Just. and I have Incline Trainers, and we’ve both seen inconsistencies in setting grades and, worse, differences in displayed speeds versus actual speeds.

    If I had a do-over, I’d look for something like a used Woodway. (New Woodways are really expensive.)

    jones on #17874

    @sws Hmmmmm. That’s a bummer. Thanks for the heads up – it’s very much appreciated. I looked at the new Woodway’s and you’re right, they sure are dear; yowzers!

    dlandry on #21875

    One easy way of working around this problem is using a foot pod (if you use a Garmin heart rate monitor). When you upload your workout to Training Peaks, the pace and speed are from the foot pod which should be more accurate.

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