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Ski mountaineering/ touring

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    I’m wondering if I can use ski touring instead of hiking for my aerobic activity?
    If I go to the resort to ski, while it’s still open for just a few more weeks, how does that play into my aerobic activity? How do I shift my workouts around that?

    Most of my goals are ski touring related this summer.
    I am doing a ski mountaineering climb of Mt Baker in mid May, Mt Hood in May, and ski touring other volcanoes as well this season through the summer that I would like to include in my training. I would like to be in good ski touring shape as my primary goal for larger trips/ traverses, but I am planning to climb Rainier with Alpine Ascents (w/o skis) at the end of August.

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    Cat on #65750

    I am not responding to your actual question, but do you do any of your weekend ski touring at Snoqualmie Pass (or generally in the Washington area)? (Or does anyone in the Seattle area plan to ski tour at Snoqualmie Pass for the rest of the season?

    If yes, would any of you be interested in a buddy? I am also planning to do some ski touring while I can for the rest of the season!

    Anonymous on #65751

    Hi Hillary, you can most definitely use ski touring as your longer aerobic activity and based on your summer goals I’d encourage that. Maybe hiking with load during the week guessing you have less time available then for uphilling, then ski tour with your normal summit/ski/BC type pack. Once the snow is gone I usually have athletes do at least one longer hike with heavier foot wear on the weekend to somewhat mimic the load of the boots/skis on the legs so you are ready for ski-touring uphill and your Rainier summit climb. And anytime you can grab a weekend away to find some snow go for it! Additionally because the downhill portion is so fast, meaning if you skin up for an hour you can easily be down in 10 min with out a ton of effort I use the total time as the uphill time. If you are doing a lift serve day only that is a different story.
    I hope this helps and send any other questions you might have.

    Hillary on #65752

    I am located out of Portland, OR.
    I do go skiing every weekend though – either resort (Mt Hood Meadows) or ski touring (with my siberian husky unless it is too technical for her to join, then she doesn’t get to come). If anyone is interested in joining, text me: (503) 334-7738. I don’t go up to Snoqualmie often but could possibly. Always interested in more ski touring buddies.

    So for Rainier: I wouldn’t need to hike in mountaineering boots just to hike in them, I could use my ski boots for the same purpose?

    If I am doing a longer day for those ski tour climbs that take all day for one day or a few days in a row, how do I modify the training plan?

    Can you elaborate on how a resort lift serve only day would fit into training?

    Thank you

    Coach on #65826

    Hello Hillary,

    The first question- you could hike in Ski boots. We recommend hiking boots/mountaineering boots if you are getting ready to do a climb in them just to get you used to the weight of them along with work out blister problems etc..before the climb.

    If you are doing much longer days than programmed I would recommend taking off the following day or making it shorter.

    As for resort skiing for some, it would be a pretty good leg workout, but for others who ski a lot, it might not have the same training effect. It is much more in the strength category than in the aerobic one. If you are sore after downhill skiing cut out a strength day. If you feel good try to stack it on a strength day so you are hitting one system/day which will allow for more recovery.
    Does that make sense?

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