Ski kit for Alaska Ruth Gorge

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    Hey I thought this could be a good place to get ideas and opinions about favorite ski kits for Alaska. Going to the Ruth gorge doing one day routes to multi day affairs.

    Silvretta with climbing boots on short skis ?
    Going with a full AT set up and climbing in AT boots ?
    Approaching the climb in AT carrying the climbing boots in the pack ?
    Universal bindings on really short, fat skis ?
    Thanks !

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    djhutch on #15041

    If your priority is only climbing, Silvretta’s with short skis and only climbing boots is fine. The Ruth is composed of really low angle glaciers with very steep walls and not much in between – which is why it is not a great ski-only destination. The approach ski tours are typically very mellow downhill glides or flat to mellow uphill slogs.

    Steve House on #15078

    For the Ruth (and most of Alaska) I have always used a mountaineering boot compatible binding, like a Silveretta 400 or 404 on a ski I don’t really care about that has really good skins! I can’t stand carrying extra boots around and I don’t think it’s worth bringing proper ski boots in there because the skiing isn’t awesome. (though I think it could be if you are Chris Davenport…)

    One option is to bring your own Silveretta bindings, a paper mounting template, the screws and glue, a couple tools, and scavenge a pair of left-behind skis from the Talkeetna Air Taxi shed and put your bindings on them. There are loads of skis out there, because people pulled the bindings since they didn’t want to pay the extra airline fee for the ski bag.

    I mention skins because the temps can be super cold early season so having really good skins with excellent glue is a must.

    Hope that helps.

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